What does your voice say about your company?

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Every company has a unique voice or dialogue and most companies are not even aware of it.  It is often referred to as your company branding.  Just how important is this branding to your company?   Well simply put, it can make your company a success overnight and it can destroy it just as quickly.

Hollywood is a prime example of this.  Each actor is his/her own self made company.   Their business is entertainment and the success and failure of the  company depends upon the actor’s public image and portrayal of him/herself.

Oprah has built a billion dollar business on her image and voice alone.  The voice of Oprah is known worldwide and is simple, “do onto others as you would want done onto you.”  Loved by millions, she is an inspiration to many people  and her voice is loud and clear.

In direct contrast to Oprah actors like Charlie Sheen, Lindsey Lohan and Bobby Brown are often depicted as being less than desirable.  I will not judge any of them based on media accounts  as I do not personally engage with any of them, I simply wish to make a point.  Hated by millions, their voices are just as loud and clear.

The difference is clear.   Negative exposure can destroy a company while positive exposure can help it succeed.  Here are some tips to improving your company voice and branding.

  • Avoid engaging with compromising companies and individuals.  Sometimes it is better to refuse a business contract even if it means money, than to get into business with less than desirable people.  The ROI will not be worth the loss of your company image.  This happens often to many advertising companies who have had to pull contracts from sport figures who have been caught in compromising personal positions.
  • Engage with your clients via newsletters or social media.  This will keep your clients informed about your company and show them that your are interested in what matters to them.
  • Follow up on references when hiring individuals or companies to work with you.  You do not want someone with a bad past employment record to work for your company.
  • Be open to the public and the media at all times as this will reflect upon your company.  It will depict your  company as being above board and open.  This is always seen in a favorable light.
  • Visit schools, colleges and community centers  to provide and  promote learning opportunities for the area residents.  Community support behind your business has great promotional value.
  • Practice good citizenship and environmental sustainability procedures.

You must also be aware of the tone of your company voice at all times.   How you write newsletters, blogs and even the color choices that you use  for your company logos and websites matter in your overall image.  This branding should follow throughout everything that your company does.

Consider a company such as SG Partners Inc.  The company deals with a lot of financial representatives and its success depends upon dealing with many other businesses.  Its color image is two toned;  simple and sleek.  The voice of this company is professional and yet has a very slight playful yet carefully crafted businesslike style.

In comparison,  Sesame Street which is a company based primarily on children’s advertising,  has many bright and shiny colors.  It is full of color characters and its voice is simple, fun and playful.

The key having a successful image and branding is to simply; define your company image and voice, sell it, and then take measures to  protect it.

It is one of the best ROI for your money that exists and yet it can be costly and time consuming to repair if shattered.

What is your company voice?  We would love to hear about.  Engage with us on Facebook and Twitter our accounts are located on the side of this page or email us at info@sgpartners.us.