Take a load off and have a fun day at work.


Here are a few tips to making your work environment more “user friendly.”  Creating a less rigid office environment encourages employee independence and in return they will work harder and you will have less turn over.  No one wants to work in an environment that is constantly unpleasant and anti-social.

  • Send and post funny office humor once in awhile to give people a chuckle.  Do not post racial or sexual content jokes as these simply are not funny.
  • Buy donuts and coffee and encourage a few minutes extra during the break to just chat with everyone, make it a policy that no business be discussed during this time.  This will make your employees feel more comfortable to talk to you when things matter and you will get to know your employees better.
  • Buy birthday cards or cakes for employees when applicable.
  • Offer gift certificates and prize draws every once in awhile just for something a little bit extra.
  • Set aside fifteen minutes each week for a company walk or stretch program.
  • Always greet your employees when you come to the office.
  • Encourage a pot luck lunch or breakfast once a month, its a great way to foster employee relations.

None of these things will cost very much, but they will go along way to fostering a good relationship with your employees.   Far to often we forget the simple things that makes life important.  Remember, you started your own business to make money and because chances are, you hated being treated badly as an employee.

These small tips will not only help relieve stress in your employees and make it a fun place to work each day, it will help your stress level  as well.  You will feel good about what you do and you will have to worry less about angry, stressed out and disgruntled employees.

Being nice, just make all around good sense.   After all, we spend half our life at work, we might as well enjoy it while we do! Hi Ho, Hi Ho….its…..