Stop thinking like a boss and start thinking like an employee.


Did you know that you can actually cut costs and have your employees happy about it?  It is easy, you just have to stop thinking like a boss and start thinking like an employee.

Management ego had long been a major problem in most companies.  Often managers who had no idea what was really going on in the day to day operations of their business, would make decisions without being properly informed of how it would effect the departmental operations.

Recent social trends and movements to have more “user friendly” management solutions have improved this a great deal. Bosses are now expected to become more acquainted with workers through things like incentive travel and training programs.  Long gone, are the days of corporate giants who simply cut costs by cutting jobs and not blinking an eyelid.  That luxury no longer exists as the number of quality workers is on the decline.

So how do you cut costs without cutting jobs?

  • Consider giving your hourly workers a free afternoon one Friday every month.  If you ask them, chances are most workers would say, “no problem.”  The ones who stayed behind would eventually tire of being the only ones left behind and they too will follow.  In the end, the decision would be in the hands of the employee.  If you offered it when there was a long holiday weekend, this would be a hard to refuse offer.      DO THE MATH – If you have 200 hourly workers that you won’t have to pay for 4 hours once a month, that would equal, 800 hrs to which you did not have to pay salaries.  Based on an average pay rate of 10/hr that would save you:  8000 per month or  96000 per year.
  • Offer an option of go home early Fridays. If an employee finished a job say at 3 pm, normally works to 5 pm, they could leave early instead of hanging around for two hours.  Again, you would be saving on 2hr salaries per week. The employee gets home early for the weekend and everyone wins.
  • Create an employee social fund.  If you asked each employee to offer one dollar each week to participate in social activities the company can benefit from promotions paid for by employees.  Companies who normally cover the costs of things like baseball uniforms, coffee and added perks can still do so, however,the employees would be contributing to this fund as well.  You could probably offer more programs and pay less for them. Employees will feel good about contributing and not feel like they are intruding or overstepping their welcome when taking an extra cup of coffee or office snack.  Another win/win situation.

The moral of the blog?  There are better ways of doing things and it begins with communication.

If you actually involve your employees in the decision making processes of a company, chances are they will be happier employees and more cooperative with cut-backs.  They will not feel disgruntled by the cost saving measures and they will often contribute based on the fact that social pressure from co-workers will make that happen.  There will always be workers who will want Fridays off and they will conform, in doing so, others will follow.

These cost cutting tips may not break the bank or solve a company in crisis, but they will save you some money and any dollar saved is a dollar earned.  Besides, there are other significant benefits,such as, less employee turn over, less sick days because most people will just option to take Friday afternoon off and you may just get the “I actually like my boss” award – that is worth its weight in gold!

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