Store technology is taking facebook by storm, are you ready?


It is very hard to keep up with everyday business, let alone having to constantly watch and read what is new and exciting in the online business world.  It usually happens by the time you become aware of a new product-your competition has already had it for weeks. You envision the ROI you thought you would get on this product decline slowly until you snap out of it and realize you have to try and find a newer and even more exciting product than your competitors.

It is the never-ending Internet circle of new gadgets and its allure is quite addicting.

By this time,the kinks in the new gadgets have been worked out and the software geniuses already have tips and techniques for you to help use them. That time had come for these two products.

They are two really exciting software services and products to hit the Internet recently. Just like a good car salesman, I waited until today to tell you about them because I wanted to make certain these products were even worth mentioning.

I have beta tested them personally and as it turns out, they both get my professional stamp of approval. These are going to be a huge hit on the Internet and something worth looking into.

SG Parnters and I wanted you to have a head start and some insider information on them so that hopefully you can gain some financial advantage. Remember, our business is your business and when your doing good business, you need our business.

Let us take at look at these new Internet Gadgets.

  • Google Plus one Network and Google Plus One Network for business.

The newest product to be released by Google is the Google Plus One network for business. Unlike Facebook, Google has separated its  social media platform for networks and groups into mini networks. This system is based on how each individual contact that you have, fits into your life circle, for example: family, friends, acquaintances and simple followers. This is highly convenient for sending separate group messages.

Popular demand for this product has prompted Google to take it one step further by offering a business portion of this tool.  It allows companies to separate family and friends contacts from business contacts, which is something Facebook has so far failed to do.

It is welcome news for the blogging and social media community because they put out tons of postings each day and it can be annoying for friends and family members to have to siphon through these advertisements to chat or find out the day’s events.

I feed tons of content into my Facebook each day, and as a result have lost a lot of friends in doing so.  They are still on my list, but they do not view my status messages and often miss invites to personal events. They simply check the box that says “hide all your posts “from appearing on their wall.

What marketing value does that have when no one is spreading the word doing this?   At the very least, this product will offer freedom of choice and group targeting.

Also, this new system allows you to send targeted messages to a specific group or niche, avoiding over posting.To be honest,we were over-posting to the point of ridiculous and some individuals were becoming way to personal in business dealings.

It is pretty common knowledge that people you work with do not need or wants to know that your sister is getting married for the eight time or that one of your friends spent all weekend partying.

I do not know about you, but I do not want to be associated with some of my friends.  They often act irresponsible on line,cuss and say inappropriate things.  Many people forget that it is a public forum and they need to act accordingly.  At the very least, this product  will bring back  some professionalism in business dealings and this is something that was obviously needed.

  • Facebook store

There is no need for anyone to look further than Facebook for products and services with this latest software.  There are many different brand names, plugins and modules for it available right now – they all do the very same thing: allow you to turn you Facebook fan pages into a fully functional Facebook online web-store/shopping cart.  There is no need for anyone to create a facebook fanpage and separate website, literally you can create them both in the same place.

Some of these products have the ability to allow you to auto import your current product codes and inventory counts directly into Facebook with all catalog and price details.  It is a fully functional cart style website integrated into Facebook, how cool is that?

I am simply amazed each day with the inventive ways people are making money online these days.  They develop great products and tools to make our lives easier and to make money in a more quick and efficient fashion.It is unrealistic for us to think that we need to have every gadget available to us.  We do not need them, we simply need a few good ones to create a strong backbone for us.

Many people are just jumping on the social media bandwagon and because they held out a little longer, they are benefiting from these type of programs.  My advice; if your just starting out on this new path, start with a Facebook store and use Google for your networks and postings and you will be able to do so much more!

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