Impartiality is a key benefit of outsourcing.

sg_partners_homeofficeSmall businesses who are pushing to have a better human resources department and choose to be more impartial when dealing with employees should seek the help of a human resources outsourcing company like SG Partners Inc.

It is often difficult when you have a small business office to keep pay raises and benefits confidential among employees.  You may feel that particular employees has  earned an added bonus but do not want to cause animosity in the office.

Just how does a company create employee incentives without animosity?

  • Hire an independent human resources outsourcing company to deal with company payroll and benefits.   This will allow your company to set standards for salaries and raises.  An employer may agree to a pay raise simply because he or she has a hard time saying “no” and not because they want to offer the raise. This can be a huge issue if an employee is undeserving of that raise or frequently asks for raises simply because they are aware of the employers lack of confidence in refusing them.  The benefit for the owner would be -  he/she can advise all employees upon hiring that pay raises are automatically adjusted by our firm who handles payroll each year.  This will more than likely alleviate this issue from ever occurring.
  • Benefits can be handled with much more confidentiality and strict guidelines if outsourced. It will be the outsourcing company who oversees the rules and regulations regarding whether a benefit or claim is approved or disapproved. This takes a lot of pressure off an employer. The employer will no longer have to explain why or why an employee has been refused his/her claim. Human resources companies are better at helping employees understand how to rectify the situation if possible.  Remember, an employee will most likely be angry at this juncture,an impartial third party could help to solve the problem in a timely professional manner.
  • Impartially will always remain the major focus of an outsourcing company. Lets’ face it, we are all human and it is often difficult for an employer to remain impartial when it comes to particular employees,especially if the employees are relatives.  He or she may feel that certain employees warrant an added bonus, that may in fact  be based solely on popularity as apposed to actual work ethics. This can be avoided if human resources handled bonuses and incentives based on actual performance rather than popularity.

It is a well known fact that there is a huge amount of favoritism in small business circles.  The reasons this happens is because small business owners tend to hire friends, family and people they are personally acquainted with.

It is hard to remain impartial when it comes to dealing with people your familiar with as they will often try to take advantage of an employer and expect certain added privileges.  It is human nature to do so.  What it does cause is hostility for the other employees who work hard but who are not in  your “circle of friends.”   They may feel they are being unfairly judged, left out of certain things or unjustly compensated.  This can create a hostile and stressful work environment and no one wants or deserves that.

The best way to avoid this from happening is to simply take payroll and benefits out of the equation.  If you give the human resources and payroll to an bookkeeping outsourcing like SG Partners Inc. you can simply forward any and all complaints, decisions and issues to them.

Employees will become familiar with how your company operates, they will accept and appreciate that it is fair and impartial and will be less likely to question it.  This will give the employer peace of mind and do what he/she should be doing; working and not having to deal with employee complaints about salary and bonuses.

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