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Partnership vs. Incorporation – What’s Best for a Startup Company?

If you’re working out startup formation details with a friend or co-worker, a partnership may strike you as being the easy way out, as compared to incorporation. But here’s the thing – the legal framework for a partnership is based …

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Startup Formation and VC Funding

One of the most irksome problems faced by entrepreneurs with a good idea is that VC funds lay out a series of conditions regarding startup formation that have nothing to with the idea or its business sector. This is mostly …

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Why Startups Need A Founder Vesting Schedule

Every startup needs to have a founder vesting schedule because things don’t always go as per the plan. When you team up with close friends or co-workers as founders of a startup, the future seems bright and mapped out all …

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Why an LLC Won’t Work For VC Funded Projects

Startup principals often choose a Limited Liability Company (LLC) as the business structure because it limits personal liability, and members benefit from pass-through taxation. But the advantages give way to a brick wall when the startup applies for VC funding. …

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Year end tax review checklist for small business

Make time for a year-end tax review Make some time to reduce your 2011 tax bill by considering some of these actions: —  Be sure to max out your 401(k) plan at work. This year you can sock away $16,500 …

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