Monthly Archive: July 2011

Marketing and finance can be socially responsible

I was introduced recently to a new financial software application that seems like it might just be the new cutting edge “cash cow” opportunity I have been searching for. I have never come across a product concept quite like this and I felt compelled to share it with you today. The product combines the two things that I am most passionate about: not for profit charities and social media marketing. Normally, I do not get excited about marketing products, this one has gotten my attention. It is hot, so hot it does not even have a webpage yet but I have been told it is in the works.

What do you consider is a good ROI

When it comes to ROI (return on investment) there is so much difference in opinion that it is extremely difficult to calculate just what a good rate is. It is the proverbial “gray” area of business.Depending on who you ask, your answer will always be slightly different. It is a simple matter of opinion.

Have you ever had a bookkeeping report done for you?

With this kind of service, it is not hard to see shy SG Partners Inc., is the business behind your business.

Money just makes money

That equals roughly $80.000 basically for free. Let us pretend you leave that extra 80 thousand in the bank and take the money you invested originally. After two years that free 80 thousand would make more free extra money and so on. Basically, you are now making money literally without ever having to doing anything and without using any of your own money.

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