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Choosing the best accounting software for your company is child’s play.

Offering core accounting functionality such as a general ledger, accounts receivables and accounts payable, these are the top industry standard accounting software packages. Each offers basic accounting with extra add on modules and specific user

Getting employees involved in the cash flow.

SG Partners Inc. is pleased to present the final part portion of our five part series on freeing up cash flow. We hope you have enjoyed creating the series thus far and look forward to writing other blogs series just like this one.

Segmenting your business relationships can improve cash flow.

Businesses often fail to negotiate because they want to make a sale so badly, they think they have to bend over backwards to get it. Sometimes a sale is not worth the outcome and this is the hardest skill to develop.

Cash flow police, part three of freeing up funds.

In order to maintain and shorten your receivables period, you’ll need to have a good collection system. This is an area that many accounts receivables departments put on the back burner because they are more involved in getting out the orders and sales invoices than working on getting payment for them.

Negotiating your terms, part two of having more cash flow.

One of the less obvious ways to improve cash flow is to consider the terms you have with your clients and suppliers. To many business owners, this may not seem like a major problem area, but it can help considerably.

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