Monthly Archive: June 2011

The lighter side of finances.

Once upon a time there was an investor who had three girlfriends, but he didn’t know which one he should marry. They were all equally beautiful and intelligent. He loved each of them. He finally realized that he had to make a choice and he thought of a great way to make this decision.

Business etiquette, do we have any left?

Social media opened the world up to business – it did not open up the world to your business!

Viral marketing is the wave of the future

SG partners advises you to get on the viral marketing fast track to get your business up to speed, it is here to stay and it is the advertising wave of the future.

Summertime tax tips, more reasons to take a vacation.

Vacation time is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Every person needs to take a few days to relax and recuperate each year otherwise they burn out and become unproductive.

Retirement plans for the self employed worker.

You can save more with a solo 401(k) than with the traditional SEP, SIMPLE, or Keogh plans. That’s because you are able to make two types of tax-deductible contributions. First you make the usual employer contribution as owner of the business.

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