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Have a summer home and want to rent it out while you go on vacation?

Planning to rent out your vacation getaway? When it comes to taking advantage of the tax benefits, timing is an important factor. Here are two points to remember.

To incorporate or not to incorporate? That is the business question.

The traditional form of corporation is the C corporation because it has the most flexibility in structuring ownership and benefits.Most huge companies use this method. The drawback is the double taxation. Corporate tax is paid on profits and then the profits are taxed once again as they are paid to individual shareholders as dividends.

Make your job move stress free by preparing your 401(k) plan in advance.

Speaking of retirement, need some help with your finances because you have better things to do like travel the world? We can help with that too. We have outsourcing solutions designed to help your money grow. We want you to enjoy your retirement for as long as you can.

Summer Tax Calendar

Got better things to do this summer like take a family vacation? Let our experts at SG Partners Bookkeeping Outsourcing take care of your accounting and taxation so you can get on with the better things in life: living it to the fullest and enjoying your summer vacation.

Penny stocks are risky but can have huge payoffs


The fun side of penny stocks lies in trying to challenge yourself to find the right companies to invest in. You can literally own part in a huge number of companies and it is fun to watch these companies grow.

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