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Debt management issues can be solved with choosing the right credit card.

Considered a blessing to those who use it properly, credit cards can make life easier to manager. Consequently, if you are having trouble managing debt, it can be an excruciating curse that will only give you a bad credit history.

Stop thinking like a boss and start thinking like an employee.

Offer an option of go home early Fridays. If an employee finished a job say at 3 pm, normally works to 5 pm, they could leave early instead of hanging around for two hours. Again, you would be saving on 2hr salaries per week. The employee gets home early for the weekend and everyone wins.

Take a load off and have a fun day at work.

Sometimes work becomes so overbearing that you need to encourage your employees to loosen up a little bit. Employees who are constantly overworked stressed are not functioning as best they can. Not to mention that stress is the leading cause of heart and stroke disease.

The three rules of what not to do when starting a business.

It would seem that in the first year of business,I had broken every one of those rules. As a result, I had felt the growing pains of those mistakes. I was about to file “divorce” on my best friend, I was losing a lot of money and I knew if we did not turn things around soon, we would lose all of our initial investment.

How much do you know about your business?

Even if you use an outsourcing company like SG Partners, you still have to understand and monitor your business. Do you ever verify your cash accounts? You should.  Even if you leave the job to your bookkeeper or accountant, you …

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