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Is your business credit maxed out?


Is your maxed out credit holding you back from helping your business move forward? You have just signed a contract that will bring in a few thousand dollars in sales.  You advise your order and shipping departments that an additional …

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Did you know that SG Partners provides risk managment outsourcing?


What exactly is risk management? Loosely defined;  risk management is the process of determining your highest risk factors and placing them into a priority sequence.  The higher the risk, the more importance is placed upon it.  The objective is to …

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A dollar saved is a dollar earned!


Do you own a small business and need a few simple  tips  to cut costs?   Perhaps you need a few extra dollars each month to purchase that new computer you have been needing or you simply feel your costs are …

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Bookkeeping outsourcing makes cents!

sg_accounting the old way

Bookkeeping has many different aspects and is mainly comprised of four areas of expertise. If the company is small the bookkeeper may perform all or most of these tasks for the company.

Is your business growth spurt getting the better of you?


encouraging and stressful at the same time. Encouraging, because you begin to see the possibility of profits and stressful because the amount of work you engaged in can easily double or triple overnight.

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