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The two hottest job trends are social media and outsourcing!


According to Inc. Magazine and  the current hottest job trends are social media consulting and outsourcing.   Social media is in such high demand that it is estimated that there are roughly ten thousand job tasks for each one employee …

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Citizen diplomacy how does it effect your company?


There is another very important part of social media that people tend to miss or perhaps they may not even be aware of; the human and environmental factors. It is called citizen diplomacy and it involves social change.

Human resources management is key to a successful business!

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Companies simply cannot function properly without the support of a good human resources team. These individuals are the liaison between the company and its’ employees. Human resources deals with employee relations such as; hiring, training and benefit packages.

Tax deductions and benefits, are you getting yours?


Did you know that there are all kinds of deadlines for different forms and tax packages?

Did you know that there are hundreds of deductions that you are not getting because you probably are unaware that they even exist?

Do not let your hard earned money be thrown away, get the maximum deductions that your company is entitled to.

What does it take to make a good employee?

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A huge sigh of relief followed by laughter filled the office when the three bosses and everyone else in the office realized how silly they felt for panicking instead of using common sense. Common sense has never failed me and is the guiding force behind whatever task I intend to complete.

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