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What does your voice say about your company?


Oprah has built a billion dollar business on her image and voice alone. The voice of Oprah is known worldwide and is simple, “do onto others as you would want done onto you.” Loved by millions, she is an inspiration to many people and her voice is loud and clear.

Small Business success depends on outsourcing.

Remember a good business person knows when it is time to get help but a better business person knows where to get that help!

April is Easter, taxes and a whole lot more.


The month of April brings spring, Easter and important tax deadlines. Monday, April 18, is considered the red letter day in the world of taxes. It is the deadline for filing certain returns and taking certain tax-related actions. Here are …

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Incentive travel and employee benefits have an excellent ROI.


According to Wikipedia employee benefit programs yield a return of investment of more than 4 dollars to every one dollar spent.”

In return for offering benefits corporations yield the benefits from motivated employee such as:

New law extends tax rates from Bush-era forward two years.


As a reminder during tax period we wanted to remind you that both the Senate and the House passed a bill that will extend the previous tax rates from 2010 for another two years, through December 31, 2012.

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